What is Laska?
Nick Janssen

What is Laska, and why should you use it?

Laska is a visual editor for native mobile apps that lets you build and test components, pages, and even entire apps. It combines the ease of a WYSIWYG editor while maintaining the ability to write business logic where needed.


Integration with your existing codebase

Using the Laska CLI, you can import all or only some parts built with Laska into your existing codebase.

Automatic code generation

Laska generates valid, human-readable code. It handles imports, exports, syntax validation, variable declarations and more all for you. Focus on UI and business logic, not technical implementation details.
Custom code
Don't want Laska to handle code generation, or only a small part of it? You can modify all code generation mechanics by modifying our code template to your needs.

Third-party libraries

Use most third-party NPM libraries right inside of Laska. Edit your code template to import libraries, and then use them anywhere inside of the editor.

Upload, paste and drag images

Tired of adding images manually to your project and getting imports right? In Laska, you can drag and drop/upload images from your computer or paste images from your clipboard straight into an Image or ImageBackground component. Filenames and imports are handled automatically. You can also drag and drop images from Sketch.

Third-party components (beta)

You can render most third-party components (e.g. Material Design, Native Base) by importing them into your code template, and inserting a JSX Snippet which renders that component, straight into the browser without having to open your device.

A notable exception for now are libraries that require access to hardware, such as the Camera. You can still test such cases alongside your device with the Laska CLI running in --continuous mode, pulling code into your codebase anytime you change something.

Easy extracting of components

Don't waste time creating new files and getting imports right. Click the extract icon for a quick and easy way to automatically create a new component and insert it on the spot.

Play & Pause (beta)

Press Play to run your app inside of the editor, press Pause at any point in time to alter styling, and then press Play again to continue where you left off. This allows you to easily modify styles that are only accessible in a certain state, such as form errors.

You can press Play to test even small parts of your application - such as a contact form - without having to go through your application's flow every time (such as logging in).

Debugging and logging support

Because Laska runs in the browser, you have access to first class debugging, without needing to run anything on your device. Simply open your browser's developer tools to display output of your application, and use the debugger; instruction to place breakpoints. You can even open call stacks and use Chrome's network debugging tools, which are not possible in the React Native environment.

Accessible to a less technical audience

It has been our aim since the beginning to make Laska accessible to a large audience. We don't want our users to deal with imports and exports or get overwhelmed by huge code files. Since it is easier to explain a drag-and-drop building system to your less-technical colleague than making commits to a complex codebase, you can offload UI building to them.

Test device sizes

Easily test whether your app or component looks fine on an iPhone SE as well as large tablet screens by selecting a device from the drop-down menu. You can also resize the viewport yourself by dragging the sides of the viewport.

First class support!

We're here to help you 😊 Simply press the Get Help button in the bottom right corner of the screen and ask your question!

Nick Janssen
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