Introduction to Props
Nick Janssen
Props are an essential part of Laska. They let you change settings on components, such as the background color, a margin and so on. 
What is a prop?
Props are short for properties. A prop is a small bit of data which gets passed into a component. Examples of props A string of text A color An image A number A boolean value (e.g. on/off value of a checkbox)
Opacity and Is Visible are props
Props change the way a component looks and behaves 
A component's appearance can be changed by changing its props. Some examples are Opacity, Background Color, Width and so on. Sometimes, it's behavour is affected as well. Consider the Highlight Color and On Press props of a TouchableHighlight component, which lets us control what happens when it is clicked.
Changing the Background Color prop
Props can be expressions
Similar to a formula in a spreadsheet, a prop's value can be a logical expression which you define. Examples of expressions
// simple arithmetic
2 + 2 

// the current date

// A string which parses a prop from a parent component
`Your order number is ${props.orderId}` 
You can write expressions in Code Mode. For instance, to set the content of a Text component to an expression:
First click 'Switch to Code Mode'
Then enter the expression
The result of the expression
Nick Janssen
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